Poseidon Irrigation

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Thorough system design and quality installation cost less to maintain the system over its life span. Our systems are designed to the latest guidelines. They include matched precipitation sprinklers for even coverage and a rain sensor that keeps the system off in rainy weather. Efficient and responsible water usage is “built-in” in every system we install.


Checking Your System Controllers:  Setting and Programming of controller.
Checking Sprinkler Heads and Nozzles : Adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage according to settings of controller.
Inspecting Valves and Pipes:  Look for leaks or signs of damage in your above-ground hardware before turning on your valves. You should turn the pipes on slowly
Pressuring Mainline: slowly and carefully to introduce water without causing pressure surges.
Setting Timers: Turn on your system’s timers to ensure your watering occurs on a set schedule.

Mid-Seasoned Checks

We recommend the Mid-Seasoned Checks and Service on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We’ll check misaligned, blocked, clogged or broken sprinkler heads, leaks, dry areas, improper zone groups, or water applied onto driveways, walkways and other non-intended areas – to preserve water.


Shutting down the system, draining all the water from the pipes and backflow.


Installing, Maintenance, Certified Inspection and Testing of Backflow Systems

Landscape Lighting

Your landscape lighting will properly illuminate your property and signs. We offer design, installation and repair services.